dhurbaz alex poudel,
poem .
my head sir
my head sir
lives in a hut
and always claims that
he is virgin .
every saturday
my head sir
visits bar
and eachtime
he persuades a lady
for secret disco in her bathroom .
my head sir
forgot to teach
the whole day
when he had a small meetings
with his female guardians
and excuses our homework
when they smiles and laughs at him.
my head teacher
seek to follow our
beautiful madam
as they are trying to shares
their feelings
standing nearby
the doors of school latrines .
my head teacher deals
sincurely with all equally
as he is good sub-teacher of
psychology and love .
धुर्व एलयक्स पौडेल शिक्षक तथा कवि पाख्रिबास नगरपालिका वडा नं ४ धनकुटा ,


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